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Osteopathy is a medical discipline. It uses hands on manual treatment, often a mixture of deep tissue massage and joint mobilisations to treat wide variety of conditions.

A common misconception is that osteopaths only treat back pain - we actually treat pain all over the body, including necks, shoulders, hips and knees! Please click here to see more information on all of the areas osteopathy can help with. 

Osteopathy isn't only for acute pain that has just happened either, it also works well for more chronic conditions that you might have been struggling with for a while. You don't always have to be in pain to see an osteopath, people often just want to improve their general mobility and posture.

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I had been recommended to consider a visit to Kate with my daughter in regards to the feeding difficulties we were having. We were 10 weeks deep into a tricky breastfeeding journey and it was suggested that a course of osteopathy would be beneficial to compliment our upcoming tongue tie division and address any areas of tightness that had persisted following birth and were impacting my daughter’s feeding. We’ve noticed great improvements with her posture, movements and feeding related behaviours and symptoms after only a week of treatments. Kate provides very individualised care, managing to complete her treatment whilst simultaneously jigging my daughter around the clinic room, at her request :)
Now less naïve to the impact birth and antenatal positioning of baby can have on their body following delivery and the ongoing impact of this we would encourage all parents to consider an osteopathy assessment for their baby. We couldn’t recommend Kate more highly for her wonderful compassionate care.