Covid 19 - How we are keeping you safe

  • Please do not attend if you feel unwell

  • 24 hrs before your appointment you will be sent a Covid screening questionnaire to complete. This allows us to screen for symptoms of covid and asses risk for patients who may be more vulnerable. We can discuss any concerns over the phone before your appointment. 

  • The clinic will be fully disinfected and aerated between each patient. All surfaces are cleaned and towels are all single use. 

  • Any pre appointment forms will be emailed to you to complete online

  • Please arrive as close to the scheduled appointment time as possible

  • Attend on your own unless you require a chaperone/interpreter or unless you are attending with your child. 

  • Keep personal items such as bags/coats to a minimum. 

  • On arrival please wait outside, you will be called when we are ready for your appointment (please keep mobile phones on)

  • When you come into the clinic you will be asked to: ​

- Sanitise/wash hands

- Wear a mask 

- Have your temperature taken​

  • The Osteopath will be wearing PPE including a mask, apron & gloves. 

  • Please be prepared to pay by card/contactless

If you would see our Covid-19 Policy please click here




- The clinic is located within Alderley Edge Medical Centre on the 2nd floor within the InPeak Suite. 

- There are 2 parking spaces behind the building, however if these are full there is ample free 2hr street parking in front of the building 

- The clinic is very close the town centre and a 5 minute walk from the local train station

- There is lift access 



- Your osteopath will begin by discussing the main reason for your visit and will ask lots of questions to help reach your diagnosis. 

- At this stage a general medical history will also be taken.


- ​During the examination you may need to remove some clothing for the osteopath to see the area. Please feel free to bring shorts/wear loose clothing. A gown can be provided if required.

- The osteopath will asses the joints, muscles and nerves and carry out orthopaedic testing as required. 

- After the examination, the osteopath will explain the diagnosis and discuss the proposed treatment plan with you, including hands on treatment, prognosis and advice on activity and exercise.  Please feel free to ask any questions during this process. 


-  Treatment often involves hands on techniques including deep tissue massage, articulation and mobilisations.

- You may also be given a home exercise programe to do along side your treatment. 

- The treatment itself should not be painful. It is normal to feel some soreness for up to 48 hours after the treatment, similar to being sore after exercise. Please feel free to discuss any concerns about this with your osteopath.  


Yes, the structure of the appointment is similar; the osteopath with take a full case history and perform a detailed examination but the treatment is much more gentle to adapt to their bodies. Treatment can be a relaxing, enjoyable experience and can be performed while playing with them. Please feel free to bring any toys or books along to the appointment to keep little ones entertained!

Please click here for Edge Osteopathy Privacy Policy 

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