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I can't recommend Kate highly enough. My little boy was diagnosed with a tongue tie at 4 months old, causing reflux, excessive wind and feeding and sleep issues. He also had lots of tension in his body which was intensifying his symptoms. Kate worked with him over 6 sessions and the difference was like night and day. After his first appointment he fell straight asleep and slept for hours. His overall wellbeing improve and he became happier and more content as the weeks went on. By continuing the stretches and movements at home, I was able to understand his body more. I could tell where his tension was and feel/see all the improvements.
Kate was wonderful with my son. She is kind, gentle and engaging. He loved every session and she made us both feel comfortable and safe. If you are looking for an osteopath to help your baby with similar issues, don’t hesitate to contact Kate and make an appointment.

Thanks for everything Kate.


We first saw Kate when our son was 10 days old. Kate was amazing at identifying the areas that were causing him feeding and sleeping issues and has been instrumental in supporting our son through tongue tie release and working out his tension areas which meant the ‘colic’ symptoms were significantly reduced quickly.
She has been so supportive throughout the sessions, providing reassurance and is lovely to chat with during the sessions. Kate genuinely cares for all the children she treats and you’re immediately reassured that you’re putting your baby in the right hands as she explains the treatments and what to do at home to support the sessions.
We have learnt so much from her about infant development, and as he has grown she is great at proving toys and engagement which means he is happy to be treated even when he usually just wants to be playing.
He never feeds better than straight after a session, and I strongly believe Kate’s sessions are the reason we have been able to continue to breastfeed for as long as we have.
I have already recommended Kate to many friends and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who believes their child needs some extra support.



If your little one is struggling with reflux like symptoms or tension I highly recommend, Kate.
My little boy was extremely tense and he hated being held. If we touched his head, to put clothes on or wash his hair he would get very distressed. After only a few sessions we couldn’t believe the difference. His body is more relaxed and as a result; he sleeps better, can move his head both ways, is happier getting dressed and is a lot less distressed in general.
His digestion has improved significantly. He is less gassy and easier to burp.
Kate, is absolutely brilliant with my four month old. He loves going to see her! If you’re struggling, Kate is definitely worth every penny!


Edge Osteopathy is great and the service is very professional. A thorough case history was taken during my initial consultation and Kate takes time to explain things clearly. You can book appointments online, recieve email reminders and videos links to any prescribed exercises which is great!



We have had several sessions with Kate before and after out newborn daughter's tongue tie procedure and to help with stiffness in her neck and also to manage wind. She is so gentle and creates a lovely calming session. Our daughter is so relaxed afterwards. Kate has been fantastic at giving me tips to help out daughter and the exercises she sends us to do in between sessions are easy to follow. We have seen significant improvement in our daughter since seeing Kate and I would highly recommend her to anyone, both babies and adults."


"I went to Kate when I had chronic back pain, due to gardening. I contacted Kate, she wen through my medical history and gave me my first treatment. She did explain that it would take about 3 sessions to get me feeling better.


Kate was very calm and professional, explaining exactly what I had done and how to get it right. After 3 treatments my back was much better. So thank you Kate, I am being a little less enthusiastic with the gardening and looking after myself now."


"Kate was highly recommended and I first saw her with pelvic pain during my pregnancy, which I’d been told was ‘just the way it is’ and nothing could help it. I went from being unable to walk without severe pain to at least being able to walk around the house. I wish I saw Kate earlier in my pregnancy as she made such a huge difference to my mobility, comfort levels and overall pain reduction. I would absolutely recommend Kate without hesitation."


"I’ve been bringing my son after his tongue tie being cut for a number of weeks now and we’ve definitely seen a difference in the way he sits, eats & moves. Kate is gentle, approachable, & warm - the perfect osteopath for your little ones.

Thank you so much for being so accommodating, helpful and supportive on our reflux, tongue tie journey! Highly recommend to any other parent out there in a similar position."


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