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Does your child's backpack meet the grade?

Like adults, children can suffer from back pain as a result of a variety of lifestyle activities.  As everyone heads back to school now is a perfect time to check in on how your child wears their back pack as it is surprising how quickly they can become heavy and start causing issues!

First of all finding the right back pack. Here is what to look for:

- Look for a backpack that is lightweight so that the only weight your child is carrying is really necessary.

- 2 thick padded straps and a padded back. If the straps are too narrow, then they can dig into shoulders.

- Multiple storage compartments. Not only is this great for organisation but it they also allow for even weight distribution.

How to use correctly.

- It is advised that the weight of a backpack should not exceed more than 10% of the child's bodyweight. Here is a link to an NHS research article looking at back pain in children and back pack weights

- Wearing the bag on both shoulders

- Tightening that straps so the backpack sits high and close to the body - there shouldn't be a gap between your child and the bag, a waits and/or chest strap can help with this.

- Pack heavy items such as laptops and heavy books closest to the child's body.

Good luck to everyone back at school this month!

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