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At Edge Osteopathy we see patients of all ages, from newborn to elderly.  We treat a variety of conditions including back, neck and shoulder pain, sports injuries as well as pre and post natal support and paediatric care.


Have a read below through of some of our osteopathy reviews to see what our patients say.  

Image by Dylan Alcock

"Just one treatment made a huge difference in easing the pain and allowed me to function again"

Baby Holding Parent

"We have seen a significant improvement in our daughter since seeing Kate and I would highly recommend her to anyone, both babies and adults"

Massage Therapy

"Edge Osteopathy is great and the service is very professional"

Paediatric Osteopathy Testimonials

"Kate has been treating our son since he was a couple of weeks old for an issue with restricted movement in his neck which was interfering with feeding. He now has completely normal movement through his neck and jaw. Kate’s treatment is very delicate as you would expect with a child this age, and our son seems to enjoy treatments.


Kate has even been able to accommodate him needing to feed during a treatment which is very helpful when you have a small one as they work to their own clock. She’s also managed to help with my back pain from trying to sit in dodgy positions to feed as well! I would not hesitate to recommend her to another parent in the same situation."



Paediatric Osteopathy Testimonials

"I was in a bad way with a lot of pain going through my neck, shoulder and arm. Although the doctor prescribed pain killers I knew it was a short term fix and I needed to seek professional help. I went to see Kate at Edge Osteopathy who took the time to fully understand my issues and quickly diagnosed a compressed nerve in my neck. Just one treatment made a huge difference in easing the pain and allowed me to function again.


I've continued with treatment to keep on top of the issue and can highly recommend Kate at Edge Osteopathy. Do not hesitate in making an appointment if you have any pain in your muscles or joints."



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